Sunday, January 10, 2021

Sunday Music Muse Day- The Nuttree Quartet with John Abercrombie, When Jazz meets Guitar (Starbuck CD)

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds us still shell-shocked from the events in Washington DC  this week. I'll skip the details, as I like this to be safe haven from the political chaos around us.  That said, this week's selection a little bit of musical comfort food. First up is the Nuttree Quartet Standards, which seems to a one-off session of musical friends just getting to play jazz standards on "...two very cold snowy days in February". Lucky for us they did.  I admit I picked this up for the John Abercrombie (on guitar), and I recognize Adam Nussbaum (on drum) from his work with John Scofield and others.  This is just the type of CD I need right, a nice collection of relaxed and tasty renditions of tunes by Ellington, Monk, Wayne Shorter, and a Gershwin thrown on for good measure. 

Next is selection is collection you might overlook. When Jazz Meets Guitar, is a Starbucks CD. This nice collection of guitar cuts that is a survey of jazz guitar history, starting with Charlie Christian (with the Benny Goodman and his Orchestra) up to Pat Metheny.  You'll a find a lot of favorite jazz guitar players and signature tunes.  Well worth checking this CD out.

So, do yourself a favor, find some good comfort food music to feed you soul.  We need to recharge to get through the chaos.  Remember you're not alone. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and together we'll walk in the sunshine whistling a good tune.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and wear a mask.  Peace.

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