Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday Music Muse Day - John Sneider, Pat Metheny

This will be a fun Sunday Music Muse Day post featuring two new releases.  First up,  John Sneider The Scrapper. The talent trumpet player with a long list of credits from his extensive experience in the New York jazz scene, and brother of guitarist and local hero Bob Sneider.  The title tune, "The Scrapper", John's nickname, kicks off this swinging set in blazing fashion.  I'm totally enjoying this and recommend it whole heartedly.  I got to see John play with Bob at New Year Eve gig at the Little Theatre Cafe several years back, where I got to meet his 20 year son Ben, who is on a tune, he wrote, on the CD.  Fruit doesn't fall far from this talented family tree.  I hope John brings his group to Rochester someday.  Until then, I 'll have to keep spinning this CD. (This CD cover is going become a jazz classic)

Next up is the latest by Pat Metheny From this Place.  It another fine example of his excellent guitar playing and his strong composing.  This session feature intimate small group interplay and full blown orchestral arrangement.  I was really struck by the crispness of the drums on this CD.  The artistry of Pat Metheny never ceases to amaze me.  I also highly recommend this.

What is left to say but, find yourself some music, and enjoy.

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