Sunday, August 20, 2017

Bargain bin shopping for Books

I was bargain bin shopping yesterday at Ollie's, an local discount store, and find these cheap. The Art of Naughty Dog book $4.99 (list $39), Hellboy Companion $2.99 (list $14,95), and How to Draw Fantasy $1.95 (list ?).

 Ollie's has tons of overstock of books, and DVDs. Only when I got home I realized Naughty Dog mentioned Joe Pearson for the creation of Crash Bandicoot.

 The Hellboy Companion book might come in handy with the Hellboy movie re-launch. It give nfo on all the characters, and has ton of spot drawing. The How to Fantasy Style was just too cheap to pass up. I'm not familiar with the artist/writer but the book is well printed, could be a nice gift, or stocking stuffer.

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