Sunday, July 16, 2017

My reflection on Jack Kirby Disney Legends tribute at D23 Expo 2017

As one of the millions of artists who he inspired for the price of a 10 cent comic of my youth, I can't begin to the find words of gratitude to thank Jack Kirby: The King of Comics, the way he influenced, amazed, and encouraged me, without ever knowing me. I did see him once at a comic con, and envy friends who knew him personally. When the desire to do comic books took hold for me in my teens, I thought, it would be the greatest honor to do comics and inspire some future budding artist. I never did many comic books, only a couple of pages, professionally. I can only hope one of the projects I worked on in my art /animation career may have inspired at least one kid to follow their dream of being a artist as Jack Kirby did for me. In many ways. I'll keep trying, because I owe that to Jack.

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