Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bob Sneider & Paul Hoffman, Jim Hall, Tony Willams, and The Horace Silver Quintet.

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day finds me in better health than last week, which caused me to miss posting.  (The less said about my stomach flu, the better.) So, on to the music. A couple of weeks ago I missed a club date by one local favorite guitarist Bob Sneider and his trio.  I had also missed a current duo performance by Bob and pianist Paul Hofman, as fate would have I was able to find a CD, Bob Sneider and Paul Hofman Escapade, as cosmic conciliation prize.  So this is an exciting, enjoyable find. Escapade is a follow up to duo's Interconnection CD. 

Next up, is a classic, Jim Hall Live.  This is a perfect jazz guitar album (released on CD) of the legendary guitarist.  It a mesmerizing listening to the music on this set.  This album/CD should be in every jazz fan's collection.  I say is would be a great CD to introduce a non-jazz fan to the music. Even the cover is just a classic design. I have to admit I immediately thought this could be a Bob Sneider set list, and I know I've heard him play these, except maybe one. That is actually a strength of jazz, hearing the echos of legends in younger players, not copying, but adding their voice to the jazz legacy.

Next, lets stick to the classic vein, The Horace Silver Quintet, Song for My Father.  The title song is a such iconic jazz tune, I know I have it on many jazz collections, but it is nice to have it on the original release.  As an added bonus there are three tunes recorded but left off the original release because they couldn't fit on a vinyl record.  Another favorite tune of my is Lonely Woman is covered by many artists. Finally, the cover photo of Horace Silver is also so heart warming, and inviting.  Just Classic.

Rounding out my selections is Tony Williams The Story of Neptune, an excellent example of the late drummer's compositional talents, in a acoustic jazz settings. The all music site give this a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating.  It's hard to argue with that.

I really have a back log of interesting CD to share in the coming weeks, so be true check back on Sunday. Enjoy the music of your choice.  It's one of the easiest way to relieve stress in these troubled times.

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