Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Duke Ellington Live, Gary Burton, Exotica

Missed posting last week, sorry.   This week's Sunday Music Muse  Day selections are purchases from a book sale at Brighton Memorial Library, held by the Friends of BML, who advocate and support many activities a the library.  It's fun to find old treasures, or take a chance on new, unknown CDs.  At  $1 a pop, how I go wrong.  First up, a Duke Ellington CD, Ellington  Live at the 1957 Stratford Festival.  Bought for the usually reason, it's Duke, and my father plays on the CD.  I like listen to Dukes live recording for his banter to the audience between tunes.  His charm is just heartwarming.

Next is another stroke of good luck, another Gary Burton CD, Reunion, to compliment the one featured in my last post.  Again, it features Pat Metheny on guitar, and Peter Erskine on drums.  Peter Erskine is a veteran of Weather Report, and I like him for his series of solo outings.

Next, is a campy selection.  This would compliment the Tiki Lounge collection I featured last summer.  Exotica: Music for a Bachelor's Den Volume 2, the title says it all.  This brings up memories (for boomers) of the 50's TV, and films of Dean Martin (Matt Helm movies), Jack Lemmon ("The Apartment"), and Marilyn Monroe (Some Like it Hot).    There's even  Duke Ellington tune, "Bonga" on it.  This is just pure fun to listen to.

The last selection is one of those I bought for the Aztec/Mayan inspired cover. Ethnotechno doesn't have any groups I've heard of before, but for a buck, why not.  The music is various Techno, reminds of the stuff the play in New Age store in NYC called Star Magic, strictly background music for mellowing out.

 Nice to be back.   Enjoy some music this week. See you next week.

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