Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday - Shows TC# 116 -119

Here's this week's Thundercats Tuesday enter features four stand alone episodes.  The production numbers for the shows are TC #116, 117,118,119.  With these show I was required to design a new character or two every show.   It was always great fun to see the results on screen when they returned in the finished animation.   Keep in mind the concept sketches is just the beginning of the visual process.  The other very important aspect is recording of the dialogue and the masterful direction of producer Lee Dannacher to work with the talented voice actors to give each character, major or minor ones, distinct personalities.   So, let begin.

TC # 116 - "Leah"

TC #117 - "Frogman"

TC # 118 - "The Heritage"

TC #119 - "Screw-Loose"
 Screw-Loose is my nod to C-3PO of Star Wars fame.  The animation team seemed to have a lot of fun with him.

 Thanks for viewing another Thundercats Tuesday.  Until next time, Enjoy.


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Philip Gipson said...

You're totally the man, Mr. Woodyard!