Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday - Return to Thundera Parts 2, 3, 4, and 5 (TC shows #112,113,114,115)

Here's this week's Thundercats Tuesday enter features Return to Thundera, Parts 2 - 5.  The production numbers for the shows are TC #112, 113,114,115.  All the five-parter episodes were written by Peter Lawrence.  You might note each Part had a different original title on the script's title page.  Again I shared design duties with other artists (as noted) and a lot of established characters were reused from earlier Thundercat episodes.  So, let begin.

TC #112 - Return to Thundera Part II -"Grune the Destroyer"

Here's a first pencil rough drawing.

 Then, this blue pencil drawing closer to the final.

Charr in the episode.

This is background design by artist Ray Shenusay.
An earlier pencil on tracing paper drawing by Ray Shenusay
We never saw a great full background shot of Charr's workshop in the show.

Another design drawing by Ray Shenusay

Here's my modest design for the New Cat's Lair construction hut.

Here is some prop items which bear show up in the show, but still have to be designed and drawn.
Here's Panthro using the small computer device.

TC #113 - Return to Thundera, Part III - "DomeDown"

Two-Time really came out great.  The animation by PAC was just fantastic.  His dynamic entrance is one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.

Another great exterior and interior design for Two-Time's ship by Ray Shenusay. 

You can see the animation studio may adjustment to the interior design.
Here the Wisker, exterior and interior, designed by Ray Shenusay.

TC #114 - Return to Thundera Part IV - "Free the Mutants"

This not only saw the return of the Mutants, but also Captain Bragg, Crownan and the Circus Train.
The special appearance by the classic Mandora is a real treat.
TC #115 - Return to Thundera Part V - "Home Again"

Only my Thunderians and Ma-Bat make an appearance.

So, that it for the five-parter.  They were always special events during the entire history of the Thundercats. Hope you enjoy these post.

Here's some extra artwork for five-parter.  Early concept drawing my Ray Shenusay for the new Cat's Lair.

Also for TC# 108 Jade Dragon, here are early sketches of my mine for Doji-Kage (the Mechanical war horse).

  Thanks, again for viewing.  Feel free to leave comment.


Philip Gipson said...

I never miss a beat of your "ThunderCats" material.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I view each of your Thunder Cats posts with awe. As a kid you just don't have any idea how much effort goes into each episode. Awesome stuff!