Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day - 2015

Remember to honor the true meaning of the day. My favorite Memorial Day special is the PBS program Hallowed Grounds that showcases the 23 World War I and World War II American military cemeteries around the world. Just hearing stories of those cemeteries and seeing the vast rows of white gravestones and crosses leaves me feeling sad and humble, but fulled with deep respect for the fallen. Look for Hallowed Grounds if airs on your PBS station.

Hallowed Grounds
I visited the Vietnam War Memorial, when I visited Washington DC, back in the late 90's, and found the name of a high school classmate, Avey Presley, there. Seeing his name on the wall struck me like a lightning bolt. Here's his listing on the virtual wall. Reading his full profile, he was killed by "friendly fire", 2 months after arriving in Viet Nam. it's still a shock.
Our continuing thanks and gratitude to the fallen, should only be matched by the desire for peace in the world and the prevention the additions of more markers to these hollowed grounds.

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