Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Thundercat Tuesday - Return to Thundera - TC Show #111

Today's Thundercats Tuesday starts the Return to Thundercat 5-part story line. Beginning with show #111.  All new locations, new major character, will be introduced.  I'm happy to present some never before seen preliminary drawings by myself and other artists.  So let's dive in.
 This map of New Thundera was done by artist Jim Meskimen from the story outline.  It shows all the new locations planned for the five-parter.
 Here concept drawing of the new Thundercat's Lair.  Designed by artist Ray Shenusay.  Although the T'Cat
 This my design for the The Great Beneath.

 Here's my design drawing for Jagara, the new major character to the series.

Sorry I can only showcase one episode this week, I have some family matters to tend to.  Nothing, bad, a college visit with my son.  See you next week.  Enjoy.


Celesta Art said...

Thank you again for the share, especially with a family commitment. It's okay this was only one episode.

I love learning more about your involvement, as well as Jim's and others, during the creative process.

It is very curious to see how you started out in one direction and sometimes went another way. The guardian statues, to be precise.

I'm looking forward to learning more from you.

Hope all goes well for you and yours.

Philip Gipson said...

Your designs for the "Return to Thundera" five-parter are so amazing!