Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Larry Coryell, Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery

This week's Sunday Music Muse Day founds me with a over abundance of Jazz goodies to share.  So much that I'm saving half of them for next week's post to give me time to hear and digest the sweet sounds of all the CDs scored at the Hi-Fi Lounge this week.  First up is legendary guitarist, Larry Coryell - Heavy Feel, his latest release on Wide Hive Records.  Larry Coryell is, of course, a pioneering Jazz guitarist, well known for his fusion groups of the 1970's including Eleventh House and countless solo, duets, trios, and various groupings with the cream of crop of jazz musicians, from his beginning with the Chico Hamilton Quintet and Gary Burton to guitar pairings with likes of Philip Catherine (Twin House -CD), John McLaughlin, and the late Paco de Lucia.  Heavy Feel features Matt Montgomery on acoustic and electric bass, George Brooks on soprano saxophone, and Mike Hughes on drums.  This group finds Coryell playing with the same intensity and fire as his '70 fusion outings.  demonstrating the his talent is ageless and inspiring.  I joy to behold.  (Personal side note: only this week, my best friend Rodney Means attended a Larry Coryell club date in NYC, and send a selfie that looks like this CD cover)

My second CD is the classic by a guitarist who influnenced Larry Coryell and others, the great Jim Hall.  Concierto , a remastered CTI recording for CD.  This should have been in my collection a long time ago.  This is definitely a "must have" CD featuring Jim Hall on guitar, Roland Hanna on piano, Ron Carter on bass, Steve Gadd on drums, Chet Baker on trumpet, and Paul Desmond on alto saxophone.  Each member of the band is a legend in his own right.  The highlight of this outing is the 19 min:16 sec "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaguin Rodrigo which the liner note states was inspired by the Miles Davis / Gil Evan recording on Sketches of Spain.  I envision this seeing a lot of time on my CD player.

The week's last selection is not just a jazz CD purchase but Jazz education in its self.  Wes Montgomery in the Beginning, is a wonderful 2-disc set with a fantastic and informative 54 page booklet.  Wes Montgomery is a legendary Jazz guitarist, considered a seminal guitar figure coming of age after Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian, and he had an immeasurable influence on countless modern jazz guitarists that followed.  I planned to spent some enjoyable time listening and reading the booklet notes to put it all in musical and historical perspective.  Well produced musical packages like this are truly a delight to own.

My thanks to Resonance Records for excellent release.  Here's short youtube video
documentary on the making of this CD package.
What a great week of music for me, and you.  I plan to enjoy every minute of it.  Enjoy.

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