Thursday, June 7, 2007

StarCraft 2 Game Flipz Preview

This cool game trailer for the Starcraft 2 computer game was released last week or so. The original Starcraft is huge gaming favorite, especially in Korea where they have massive following, including TV coverage of tournament with big cash prizes. I had only play a demo of the first game, but I always liked the premise of the game. It's one of the few mega-game hits that are also available for the Mac. So, this weekend I picked up a box set, Starcraft - Battle Chest, which includes the original game and two expansion pack, and two strategy guides. A nice buy for only $9. So, now Starcraft will be added to my list unplayed or unfinished games, oh well.
Also Blizzard, the game developer, had some great trailers for their other other great game World of Warcraft.

Check out this this trailer:

Whats really cool is the Starcraft 2 trailer reminded me of my Warrior in the Mist "suiting up" sequence. I mean, both have naked (or near naked) guy getting dressed up in battle armor by machines. Keep in mine, my Warrior in the Mist was done way back in 1992, long before Starcraft was released. Of course their video is lightyears ahead of mine in quality, thats why I like it. But, just for comparison here's Part One of Warrior in the Mist.

I was so inspired by the Starcraft 2 trailer, I've started a Dragonfly Game Flipz book of it. Here's the first comic pages before the flip book action starts. I will have it finished in a week or so and post a movie of it. as always.
(Click on the image for larger view)


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