Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sunday Music Muse - Duke Ellington, Giscomo Gates, September Jazz Birthdays

I glad to be relaxed enough to post a Sunday Music Muse Day for September. I've been dealing is a several Covid breakthrough cases in our family. I'm happy to say all is well. So, lets dive in with my first selection, Duke Ellington's Violin Session. This CD release of one of my favorite Ellington albums, not just because my father, Sam Woodyard plays the drums on it, but I enjoy Ellington's small group recording for their intimacy. The original vinyl album is one the few I kept after selling my vinyl record collection this pass spring. Actually the CD does a poor job of listng the personal credits, so I'll add the album's credits in this most.

My second selection is Giacomo Gates Everything is Cool.  I generally don't go for jazz vocalists, but something about Giacomo's style won me over, with the song "Full of Myself", a bonus track on his Luminosity CD. And he also does Hendrix's tune "Up from the Skies" on that CD.  Giacomo has layback beat poet feel to me. Lisa and I saw him perform live that Srathallan hotel bar lounge performing tunes from the Luminosity, in fact I bought the CD from him there.  Years laterly my drummer friend Mike Melito told me he was playing on that gig.  So, now I have a stronger connection the Giacomo and his music.  Everything is Cool sort sum up it up.

Being I celebrated a birthday in September, I'd like to repost my Jazzy Birthday song to honor September Jazz birthdays.   Jazz Birthday is a tune, written in 1978, with the original title "More or Les". The "Les" in the title refers to a old friend of Les Bernstein, not Les Paul the great guitar player, and father (inventor) of the solid body electric guitar, although it could, also. This new version was made with my vocals (with jazz singer Giacomo Gates as my inspiration). Actually, it was the first lyrics (and last) I've wrote since the 1980's.

So, stay safe, get vaccinated, and wear a mask when you need to. Peace.

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