Sunday, June 13, 2021

Sunday Music Muse Day - Gilfema with Lionel Loueke, Santana

On the beautiful, sunny, Sunday Music Muse Day, I've enjoyed a nice bike ride with Lisa to visit my inlaws, followed by a simple lunch at back yard picnic table.  So, that leaves time to enjoy some new tunes, and old in new packaging. First up, is Gilfema, "The name of the group comes from the musicians' names: Gil (Lionel Gilles Loueke), fe (Ferenc), ma (Massimo). They met at Berklee College of Music, coming from different backgrounds: Loueke from West Africa, Nemeth from Hungary, and Biolcati, an Italian born in Sweden." - Wikipedia.  I picked this up mainly for my interest in Lionel Loueke, the guitarist.  This 2005 release, it seems,  is just one of many I failed to come across before.  I do have several Loueke CDs, and listening to this one makes me more eager to seek out more. I love his infusion of his African roots in his playing and vocalizing. I'll have to break out of my bargain bin shopping habit and pay full price to catch up.

My next selection was a good used purchased, as I'm a sucker for the cool packaging of CD sets. Santana Dance of the Rainbow Serpent is a three CD anthology of Carlos Santana long and storied career. Since I just sold all my vinyl albums including the Santana's, this will be a nice substitute. It's curious there are no tunes  from Borboletta, my favorite album, especially the song Promise of the Fisherman, but luckily I have that CD.

All in all, a nice way to spend the rest of the day. Enjoy your's.

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