Sunday, May 2, 2021

Sunday Music Muse Day Jeff Campbell, Allan Holdsworth

This Sunday Music Muse Day found me hustling to mow my lawn before it rains, under threatening dark overcast clouds.  When the that's done I will enjoy Jeff Campbell West End Avenue. The is trio session with Campbell on bass, John Hollenbeck on drum and percussions, and John Wojciechowski on tenor saxophone and clarinet. Jeff in a local musician who I've see perform with Trio East, with drummer Rich Thompson and trumpeter Clay Jenkins.  Like his Trio East bandmate, Thompson, Jeff is also an instructor at the Eastman School of music. This is a very fine CD, starting with title track, which Trio East plays in concert.  Another standout is a rendering of Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, written by legendary bassist Charles Mingus. I'll assume this is a might be a nod to a personal inspiration. 

Next selection is Allan Holdsworth Leverkusen '97 a live set in a German jazz festival. The late fusion guitar well known for is blistering playing, and that is definitely on the display here, but there's a certain mellowness in his used of guitar effects (maybe guitar synthesizer).  This package comes with DVD of the performance, which I haven't watched yet. It something to look forward to.

So far, the rain has held off, but I'll still enjoy the tunes.  

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