Sunday, November 25, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Day Larry Coryell, Johb Abercrombie, Badi Assad, and Pat Metheny.

This post-Thanksgiving Sunday Music Muse Day finds me recovering from overeating at the family holiday dinner. All the leftovers are gone, thanks to college kids home for the holidays.  But the four days off from work allowed a lot time for music.  First up, Larry Coryell, Badi Assad and John Abercrombie Three Guitars. This is a wonderful CD featuring two late great guitarists, Coryell and Abercrombie, teaming with a rising young Brazilian Badi Assad, a guitarist/composer/singer/flutist/body-percussionist (not sure what that is) recorded in 2002.  Although Coryell had met Assad during a concert in Miami, this acoustic guitar set was their first recording together, and John Abercrombie's. In the liner notes Abercrombie remarked his first thought when asked to do join the session was he had to practice on acoustic guitar since he hadn't touch one in three years.  Each artist contributed compositions to the session.  It's nice to hear pieces of Abercrombie's (I'm more familiar with) in this new context. His practicing was well worth it. 

My second selection is another favorite guitar/musician who thankfully is still with us, Pat Metheny Orchestrion is a concept CD of music basically in the tradition of player pianos and larger instrument arrays in the late 1800s and 1900s called orchestrions, but taken to the extreme.   This a studio session of music Metheny did as part of film/live performance project.  It an interesting to note the music hold up without the visuals. Pat Metheny's talent as a composer comes is highlighted in every tune.

Here is the cover of first project, The Orchestrion Project

All those CDs are worth seeking out. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy.

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