Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Music Muse Day - Ralph Towner, Chick Corea.

For this week's Sunday Music Muse Day, I got to share the latest releases from two of my favorite musicians.  One of my regular music buying shop, Record Archives, was having a 43rd anniversary bash, and offering a 40% off sale. So, I took the opportunity to pick a special item I had my eye on but resisted due to the high price (hey...I'm on a family man's budget). That item was the Chick Corea: The Musician, 4-Disc set, with 3 CDs and a Blu-Ray of Chick 's special 70th birthday celebration, which he spent by playing the Blue Note jazz club in NYC for a a month of 48 show with various musician from his stellar career.  It a parade of "who's-who" of the jazz world. I'm just working my way through the music CDs, and look forward to the Blu-Ray special.  An added bonus the packaging as 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" booklet with 46 page of liner notes and full color photos print heavy glossy paper.  It's a very nice set, worth the full price.

The Record Archive discount sale made it easy to pick up another CD I had my eye on, Ralph Towner My Foolish Heart. It's a solo effort, with Ralph on classical and 12-string guitars.   In the liner notes he states the title, especially the version by legendary pianist Bill Evan inspired his piano playing (piano being his first instrument), and later his guitar playing.  It's great to see Ralph going strong into his mid-70s.  I plan to enjoy every moment of this CD.

These two selections will keep me busy for days, and I'm sure I'll be revisiting them often, in the future.

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