Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Music Muse Day - Roddy Ellias, Bill Frisell, Mike Melito, Miles Davis Sextet

Welcome to another Sunday Music Muse Day, and I'm finding that music is helping me get through the stressful political news of the day.  So, here's some choice selections to ease the tensions of the day.  First a new guitarist, at least to me, Roddy Ellias Monday's Dream.  This was a random pick, a pure shot in dark purchase for me.  The simple, understated CD cover design reminded me of an ECM cover.  I like guitar trios, so, I decided to give it a shot,  I'm very glad I did. Roddy's music, from the very first notes made me think of Ralph Towner, and checking a review online, it mentioned that very point. "If there are hints of Ralph Towner in Ellias' often abstruse but nevertheless compelling compositions, it's because the two share a commonality: the evolution of harmonic languages that make them unmistakable from the first notes of a tune..." (John Kelman - all about jazz) This is very nice, introspective outing.  I hope I can find more recordings by him.

Next, is a favorite musician of mine, guitarist Bill Frisell Nashville.  Again, Bill Frisell's music defies description as he blends so many styles of music into his work.  I think of him as "Modern Americana" in the vain of Aarron Copland of "Fanfare for the Common Man" fame.  Nashville would fit nicely in this theme.

Next is a local treasure, drummer,Mike Melito In the Tradition, another excellent Hard Bop outing as a leader, recorded in 2008.  Joining Mike is another local treasure Bob Sneider, on guitar.  Mike and Bob play together constantly around the Rochester area, and their music rapport is always a pleasure to hear and watch. I missed a gig they did on Friday night, but I know I'll be seeing them again soon.

My last selection is a classic for the music, and the CD cover, Jazz at the Plaza - Miles Davis Sextet, Vol.1.  This is a nice addition to my Miles collection, and a companion to the Duke Ellington Jazz at the Plaza CD that was recorded at the same date.

I'll be turning to these great selections repeatedly in the coming days, using their music to soothe the political beast. I advise you to pick up some good music and do the same. Enjoy

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