Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day - Duke Ellington, Chick Corea and Gary Burton, Pat Metheny

Today's Sunday Music Muse Day selections are by way of the South Wedge Record Fair at the German House.  It was mainly for vinyl record collector, but there were some CDs to be had.  First off, it was nice to see Derek Lucas, music director and DJ from Jazz90.1 radio, spinning discs at two turntables near the entrance.  Derek added a great soundtrack to the event.  I found some CDs of a few favorites to add to my collection.  First is Duke Ellington The Pianist.  I thought I may have had this, but apparently I didn't, perhaps confusing it with Duke's Piano in the Foreground session, The Pianist has him playing in a small group, mainly just bass and drums.  My father, Sam Woodyard, plays drums on seven of the ten cuts, and he even has tune named for him, "Sam Woodyard's Blues".  That may it a must buy, just for that.  I actually like Duke small group recordings a lot.  You get to hear him stretch out more.   This will be a nice compliment to the  Piano in the Foreground CD.

Next is Chick Corea and Gary Burton Native Sense - The New Duets.  Corea and Burton are one of my favorite musical duos.  Since their first Crystal Silence album released on ECM in the 1973, I've would never pass up a chance to hear them.

Last selection is another favorite artist, Pat Metheny Group Speaking of Now, one of those CD of his I missed during a period when I was not buying any music much, not sure why. But, it's always good to catch up.

As the end of the election draws near, it's good to had some good music to distract us from the noise on the outside world.  Here's hoping for better days.

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