Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day Pat Metheny, The Rita Collective.

This week Sunday Music Muse Day is selections are both inspired by my local jazz station, Jazz90.1, in Rochester, NY.  Jazz90.1 FM WGMC is a listener supported station and last week was their fund drive.  I'm been a member for moving in the area 8 years ago, and renewed my membership, during  Tom Pethic's Artistry in Jazz Saturday show.  I picked the Pat Metheny Selected Recordings CD, an ECM release.  Of course it has a bunch of of my favorite Metheny  tunes.  This was a no-brainer to pick as premium reward
for the donation.
My next selection. The Rita Collection, also has a Jazz90.1 connection.  I heard this local group played on the Jann Nyffeler's Friday night show (sad to hear she is taking a break from it. This past Friday was her last show)  Plus, from the Jazz90.1 site, "The Rita Collective will perform live on on Jazz90.1 on Wednesday November 2 from 7 to 8 p.m. The Rita Collective is a chamber group from Rochester, NY that plays original and world music with a jazz slant."  The sound of the marimba caught my ear.  I'm enjoy their CD and looking forward to hearing them live on the radio, and hope to see them perform around town soon.

I hope others supported Jazz90.1 as I have.  It's well worth it to make sure they stay on the air and present such great music.

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