Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Thundercat's Tuesday (a day late) Rankin/Bass Comic Strip

Here's a the start of Rankin/Bass items I'll be posting for Thundercats Tuesday. I have the promotional package for The Comic Strip syndicated series that features TigerSharks ( the Thundercat clones in water) and bunch of comedies, Street Frogs (don't ask), Karate Kat (my favorite) and Mini-Monster (do I have to tell you the premise). Here's the cover and some TigerSharks art to start. I didn't design any of these characters.  Designs were done by Bob Camp and Pepe Moreno.  Enjoy.

Next week, Street Frogs.


Nicko said...

Hi Dennis,

Many thanks for sharing this scan... That's amazing ! You're the boss :)


Philip Gipson said...

This is really awesome, Mr. Woodyard. I admit to not having been interested in "TigerSharks" as I was in "ThunderCats," but what you just posted definitely makes up for that. ;)