Monday, June 10, 2013

Music Muse: Cream revisted

I picked up this  nice 2-disc DVD set about Cream, the legendary Rock group, with Eric Clapton (guitar), Ginger Baker (drums), and Jack Bruce (bass).  Cream was one of the first great "Power Trios" in Rock and one of my favorite music groups.  Another being the Jimi Hendrix Experience, which is my all-time favorite Rock group.   The DVD set covers Cream's entire story from the beginnings in 1966, to the farewell concert in 1968, and the two reunions 2005.   The viewing the DVD was a great trip down memory lane, but the best part is the music still holds up, just as powerful and driving as ever.

Just a side note:  The only troubling thing for me about the DVD was the so what shabby appearance of Jack Bruce.  He is wearing a very worn, stained, and frayed jacket, like something you'd pull off a homeless guy.  It rises my concern, as I know he was very sick for a time,  that he was still going through rough times at the time of the interview.  You would think the production crew would have given him a better jacket.   I hope all is well the him.  He and the member of Cream deserve the best for all the great music they made together and in the separate solo careers after.

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