Sunday, April 15, 2012

Children Filmstrips - Tom Thumb and Kaa's Hunting

I  posted some videos on Youtube of children's filmstrips I did the illustrations for back in the '70's, ancient history for some of you younger viewers. These were some of the first professional illustration jobs I landed.  The paid wasn't great, in fact it was pretty damn low.  But, it was great fun and let me at paid for drawing.   It also prepared for storyboard work  I would do later in the animation career.

These  educational filmstrips  were shown in schools or libraries before video tapes were around. I did several of these including adaptations of Grimm's fairy tales, like "Tom Thumb" , Greek Myths and African folk tales. I want to digitize them before the old slide film fades completely. 

The soundtrack were on cassettes.  One side has the music and narrative with a audible beep to cue when to change to the next slide frame.  The other side have inaudible beep for use with slide projectors that advanced the frame automatically.

 Here's a storyboard page for Kaa's Hunting and the sample art  I did to get the job.

Like I said, crude by today's standards, but I hope they entertained some kids for a little while.  In any rate, they did earned awards for filmstrips, so that's something to be proud of.

 I'd been thrilled if anyone remembers seeing this in school or a library. If you did please leave a comment here or on the Youtube page. Enjoy.

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Marcelo said...

Amazing pictures! Will use them to tell the story of Kaa´s hunting to my scouts.