Monday, November 10, 2008

New Hope for the Future

I'm not big on political posts. That said, I barely held back the tears at the news of the Obama win. On Election Day, my wife and I took our boys ("mixed-race" kids) into the voting booth with us. I wanted them to share in this milestone, with the hope that maybe, in their lifetime, the whole "hyphen-American" labels will disappear.

We, all Americans, did "win". Like-minded people kept the Dream of Martin Luther King alive and made it a real, every day, element of their lives. We kept the "Faith" and lived to see the seeds of our efforts, and the efforts of all those who came before us, bear fruit in our grown (and growing ) children.

This isn't a victory for a single Black man, or racial group. That is much too narrow a view of what this election victory stands for. I think Barack Obama won on "the content of his character", which, of course, is a turn on the famous line from the Martin Luther King's March on Washington speech. Born in 1950, I have witnessed and lived through many historic moments of the last (almost) six decades, with a mixture of proud, happiness, pain, and shame. Examine any piece of American, (or World History), and you'll probably feel the same range of emotions.

The two basic personal beliefs I hold: 1. There is only one Race on this earth , the Human Race, a Family of Man, dysfunctional perhaps, but still just one tribe. 2. I'm an proud American. The greatness of the United States of America is in the concept that's embodied in the words "We the People..." America is place where all earth's children came together and shared, learned from each other, and they choose to become "real Americans". Some came by choice, some by desperation, some by chains. Our dark times, were when we choose to exclude fellow human beings for petty, evil, reasons. Our brightest moments are times like this election when inclusion is the order of the day. Barack Obama was a magnet that drew new young voters into the system and older voters, who may have lost faith, back into the system. For that act alone, he is a winner.

The question of will he succeed as President is misleading. The real question is will we succeed in helping him perform to the best of his ability? Do we support his platform of change with positive actions, not just words? Challenge his ideas, we may oppose, in a respectful, thoughtful, constructive manner or tear him down at the first misstep? It's our choice.

I look forward to better day and I will do my best to help achieve them. There is hope for the future, again. I'm so grateful I lived to see this day.

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John said...

Dennis, How the heck are you, Its me John Bavaresco. First of all I whole-heartily agree with your views. I for one have a restored belief in the democratic system and I look forward to a strong and capable leader. God knows he's got some challenges ahead. Namely, undoing the damage of the previous administration.
Well, I've been kept busy (knock on wood) for the past couple of years through mostly Workaholics projects. I really like these guys though the pay's not the best the work has been consistent. They have actually entrusted me with entire effects budgets. The last couple of projects I've hired Kevin Van Hook, Chadd, Bill and Adam. They left Starz network but that's another story.
Rob and I are doing fine, Hes working at Warner Brothers now doing clerical. He likes it but gets bored. Though we were disappointed by the passing of proposition 8 that banns gay marriage, we vow to fight on...We actually went to a protest rally. (fight the power!!) he, he.

Anyway, Its really good to see your blog, I've booked marked it. I really miss our lunches at the cafe but such is life. I hope you and your family are doing well. In case you don't have it my email address, its,

Heay Obama!!

Talk to you soon man

P.S. Look for me in an episode of UFO hunters on History Channel. the episode is called UFO Emergency. That was a hoot.