Thursday, September 25, 2008

Classic Vinyl Album Cover Art

Over at Animation Nation, the subject of album cover art came up. Some of us old-timers were fondly remembering a couple of our favorites and the ELP BRAIN SALAD SURGERY cover came up. The cover artist was H. R. Giger, of "Alien" fame. The is a great example of the artful, over the top, packaging produced during the album's heyday, 1973. So, for those too young to know what we talking about here it is.



Anonymous said...

Was there an ELP box set in the 90s with elaborate new package art by Giger, intended to evoke BSS? Maybe I imagined that.

Too bad ELP crashed and burned in 1977, and never fully recovered. The 1969-1973 ELP era produced some of the best music ever. Now I make do with ARS NOVA and AFTER CRYING and other ELP soundalikes.

The season 1 IRON MAN soundtrack by Keith Emerson is very good. I always wonder why he was replaced in season 2 with what sounds like generic stock rock-for-toons.

Emerson's GODZILLA FINAL WARS soundtrack is great, too. Unfortunately, the movie stinks. The best part is the six-minute monster montage set to Emerson music at the end, after all the imitation MATRIX stuff is over.

Anonymous said...

Greetings and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this great work of art by Giger. As someone who makes their living promoting the works of the illustrators and photographers who've created many of the most-enduring images in the world (i.e., the covers of some of the world's best-known LPs and CDs), it's great to see folks taking the time to think about the influence of these works on music fans, and its sad to see the importance of these works diminished in these times of digital downloads. I'm really hoping that the musical acts and record labels figure out how to keep cover art an important part of how they promote and sell music going forward - I'd love to hear your (and your colleagues') take(s) on this issue.
Anyway, keep up the good work - thanks for sharing.
Sincerely - Mike Goldstein, owner
RockPoP Gallery - Portland, OR