Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Youtube Posts

I just post three new movies on my Youtube page. Two are of Dragonfly Flipz Books and the other is my first music video of "Wraped Sky Band Music".

DragonflyEnt Youtube Page

One of my last New Year's Resolutions was to renew my interest in music. as I
November Night is one of our favorite original tunes, which I wrote. This was actually the first time all three of us played it together. Richard, the flute player, and I had work on it before. I always loved the way we did a "stop time" pause near the end of the tune. It was performed before an audience of one, Joyce Benitez, my girlfriend at the time, at her apartment. Fun was had by all, so before the cassette tape totally rots away, I thought I'd share with with the world. (At the risk of making a complete fool of myself...well, too late now) Enjoy.

The Iron Man - War Machine Comix Flipz book (concept demo) was done several years ago, long before the movie was started. It's made from a test clip from NIC Entertainment, an Korean animation studio did as a demo for Marvel. I wish I have the full clip to show, but I return the demo tape to the friend who lend it to me. The NIC did the art for the War Machine graphic novel released under Marvel Comics' MAX Comics imprint. Maybe I get to make some more, if Marvel is interested.

The Halo 2 Dragonfly Game Flipz Mirco-Book is the first Halo Flipz book I did originally as 5" x 7" book. This time, I shrank it to trading card size, just to see how small this flip book format would work. Actually it worked pretty good. Still, without a licensing deal I can't produce them.

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