Sunday, July 7, 2024

Sunday Music Muse Day - Astro Project, Pat Martino.

This Sunday Music Muse Day find Rochester, pleasant warm and sunny day, not boiling as my friend on the West Coast.  Having lived in LA,  I feel for them.  I'm enjoying the weather with two good musical selections.  First is Astral Project Elevado, a modern jazzy group that I was attraction the 7-electric guitar playing of Steve Masakowski.  I have several releases by the group, and is a nice set of original tunes members of the group. I hope to hear more.

Next, is the late, great jazz guitarist, Pat Martino Desperado.  This 1970 session was Martino's fifth release as a leader.  Most striking thing to me, is he's playing electronic 12-string guitar.  Pnly two other jazz players come to mind for using a 12-string and that John McLaughlin with the 12-string being on his famous double-neck guitar he used with Mahavishu Orchestra, and the other is Ralph Towner, although I think his was an acoustic 12-string with maybe an internal pickup. This definitely has a raw, early jazz fusion sound, like early Larry Coryell on his "Barefoot Boy" album.  It's great to listen to this for it's jazz guitar historical context.  It's always nice to find a gem like this that fills a gap in my Pat Martino collection.

So, if you're in the areas experiencing the blazing heat, stay cool, hydrated, and safe.   

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