Sunday, September 29, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Rich Thompson, Charlie Byrd

Another great fall day for this Sunday Music Muse.  First up is Rich Thompson Less is More. Listening to this CD is my consolation prize for missing Rich's gig this past Friday at the Little Theatre Cafe.  Fridays are alway tough for me get energized to go out after getting home from work.  This session is a nice mixed of solid jazz tunes written by well known artists and a original from Rich and bassist Jeff Campbell.  I hope to catch Rich live soon.

My next selection is Charlie Byrd Byrd by the Sea, a CD of a classic set by the legendary guitar best known for his contributions to jazz Samba and Bossa Nova.  This CD contain the tunes from the original classic vinyl record, plus 7 bonus tracks  from the original live concert.  I believe there was a series of great artists that recorded at Howard Rumsey's Concert by the Sea, a famous jazz venue in Redondo Beach, CA.  I know when I've found a "keeper" when Lisa ask "who's that, and what kind of guitar is that?"  She liked the sound immediately. I'm happy to add it my our shared listening pleasure.

Hard to believe October is several days away.  Time to gather more good tunes like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter.  Enjoy.

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