Friday, May 6, 2016

Repairing my Gretsch Corvette

Finally broke down and took my 1960's era Gretsch Corvette guitar to the shop for repair. It was my first guitar I brought from a co-worker for $60, back in the 70s, plus he threw in a nice Gretsch Tube amp, I no longer have.

 Lately the Corvette was dismantled due to a "free" repair job the never got finished. After holding it a year, I had to ask the would-be guitar repair guy to give it back to me, and it sadly sat in pieces, as I debated if it was worth repairing or just buying a new solid body guitar. Finally I decided I need to get it fix, leaving as is was no way to treat an "old friend". Even if it ends up only hanging on a wall. I admit I butchered it by hacking out a space for a second pickup, a 1970 era Fender Telecaster pickup, and a 3-way toggle switch, with no knowledge how to do electrical wiring properly. The tech at Bernuzio Uptown Music give me a good estimate and I'll have it back in two week. I'll be sure to post an after photo.

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