Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

I saw Kung Fu Panda this last weekend with my whole family, my wife and two boy (10 and 11 years old), and we all loved it. My most pleasant surprise is the was seeing the story co-credit of my friend Cyrus Voris on the big screen. I totally forgot he was doing a "Dreamworks project" a couple of years ago.

Cyrus and I met in the '80 working on his first animation job as story artist and later scriptwriter for the Galaxy Rangers series. He is one of the many great, and talented, friends I made on that project. He's come along way since then. Recently he and his writing partner Ethan Rieff, created and wrote Sleeper Cell, the acclaimed cable series.

Great work, Cyrus.

(On minor note (at least career-wise), Cyrus wrote the dialog for my comic book story "Warrior in the Mist".)

Another added enjoyment in Kung Fu Panda movie was the great the 2D animation in the opening dream sequince and the ending credits. They've both been post on the web. If, Dreamworks does a TV series or direct to DVD, Blu-Ray, follow up, they should use the 2D style with 3D Po wrap-arounds. That would be cool.

Go see Kung Fu Panda. You'll really enjoy.

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