Thursday, January 4, 2007

Dragonfly Flipz Sampler on German Flipbook Site

What a pleasant surprise! My Dragonfly Flipz Sampler is now listed on a very cool flip book site in Germany, Schacks Daumenkino run by Holger Schack an flip book collector and seller. Holger and I connected over a year ago when he brought a couple of Dragonfly Flipz Samplers from my EBay store, Dragonfly Emporium. He then agreed to purchase a small order of the Sampler and the Alien Parade Part 1 - Web Flipz book. He even help me get my books into a Flip book museum exhibit, Daumenkino-Festival, in Leipzig, Germany organized by Wencke F. E. Wassermann. But, for some reason, neither book has been on his web site until now. Better late than never. By the way, "daumenkino" means "thumb theatre" in German.

I hope everyone checks out Holger's site, although, it is all in German, it's cool to see and the other flip books being produced from around the world.

Here's a better preview video of the Dfly Sampler:

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