Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Rich Thompson

This Sunday Music Muse Day, as we're recovering from our first heavy snowfall and extreme cold weather, I was happy to find this gem in my brief CD shopping trip.  Definitely a case of quality over quantity,  Rich Thompson Eventually.  This was Rich first album recorded in 1988.  This CD has two cut not on the original vinyl release.Rich is one talent local musicians and music educators I've had the pleasure being friends with.  I'm having fun exploring this debut outing and comparing to his many follow ups.  This made my day brighter.

I'll be keeping my eye out for Rich's next local gig.  I'm aways interested it attend his live performances.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Music Muse Day - Bill Frisell, Keith Jarrett.

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds us heading into November and that downward slide to the holiday season.  Way too soon for Christmas music, so lets enjoy two well known musicians.  First up is a new release by Bill Frisell Harmony, his first release on Blue Note Record, the classic jazz label.  Its getting 4 star reviews from critics, but I have to admit, I won't be a favorite of mine.  The vocals just don't do much for me, I find them, well...annoying.  Frisell's eclectic Americana music styling is still a favorite of mine, and in full evidence, so it is still worth a listen.   I love to hear your opinion of it.

Next is a old release of Keith Jarrett Concerts, a solo outing on ECM from 1982.  Again, I'm not big Keith Jarrett fan, and prefer his trio and standards recording.  So, again, it maybe my short comings, not the musicians, or the music.  I'm throw this on as background music for dinner, or quiet evening home.  There no harm in that.

With the end of Day light Saving time the night come sooner and the weather turns colder.  Let keep our hearts warm with some good music.  Enjoy.

Inktober #20 to 31

Here's the rest of my Inktober drawings.

Here's nod to the Thundercats, which I worked on.  The treadmill was designed an episode.

Inktober #22 - "Ghost" This is a tribute to the Ghost Dog: The Way of the SamuraI. A film by Jim Jarmusch starring Forest Whitaker. I thought it could work as a Cyber-Noir update.

Here's a weak pun "Coat" of arms.

 Another nod to a show I worked on "BAD DOG",

I can't say I was super inspired by the prompts this year, but a did do a drawing for all, except "dragon" which I used a draw from Inktober 2018.  I promised myself to try drawing larger pieces and spending more time on each.  i still look forward to doing it again next year.