Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday Music Muse Day - Ken Clark Organ Trio, Jazz Fusion, Warped Sky: Stray Cloud

On this rainy Sunday Music Muse Day, after a touch of 90 degree summer weather the past few days, we settle in with a couple different CD picks.  First up, is the Ken Clark Organ Trio Eternal Funk, with Mike Mele on guitar, and Steve Chaggaris on drums.  They seem to hail from the New England area. I admit I knew nothing about the group before buying this, I just liked the cover and I been getting into younger jazz organ players like Joey DeFrancesco. These guys are a nice addition to the genre. All the tunes are original, except for a Miles Davis tune.  The trio swings, and I'll be keep an eye for other CDs.

The second is a Rhino Record collection, Jazz Fusion.  I like to pick up collection CDs as something to play in the car as I run errands on weekends (it seem more cars companies are eliminating CD player from newer models, just shows I have an old car)  Of course I most have of the tracks on this CD on full albums of CDs of the respective players, with the exception of Dixie Dregs, Ronnie Montrose, and Steve Morse Band.  I've heard of them but I think of them more as Rock than Jazz Fusion.  Some jazz fans and critics feel about Jazz Fusion the way I feel about Smooth Jazz (Kenny G. etc.), mainly they hate it.  I like it and think of Jazz Fusion as my transition from the Rock and Blues Rock of the 60s to listening to Jazz.  Mainly through guitarist John McLauglin playing on Miles Bitches Brew albums. McLauglin and Miles both have a cut on this CD, so what's not to like.

Lastly, here is another tune in my Warped Sky:Stray Cloud project, a combination of songs from old tapes and new renditions of original tunes written and played by me in the 1980s.
"This Love Can be One-Side for Awhile" (Feb. '81) is tune with lyrics written by the buddy, Richard Miceli (member of the original Warped Sky Band with Rodney Means) and my music.  Again, in this case, "Band" means three guys screwing around playing in our apartment. This is a tongue-in-cheek jazz ballad. The lyrics has little bit of Tom Waits in it, as he was a favorite of Richard.  This version finds me doing my best Giacomo Gates vocal imitation. (Mike Melito, who played with Giacomo will have give him my apologies)
On the production side this is my first tune using my new audio interface set up, the Focusrite Scarlett Pro (2nd gen), MXL 990 mic with pop filter, and AKG Headphones, to play into the computer and Apple Garageband, with an assist from Band in a Box software for backing track, and sax solo. It maybe a aural case of polishing turds, but I see it as decluttering my head of unfinished projects. (Pete Grossett, I'll get to one of your tune soon)

Until next time, enjoy.

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