Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Art File Archives - Doctor Apollo and Ion

One of the thing about being artist is being a pack rat when it come of keeping old drawings.  Luckily I managed to keep many sketch books and drawing from the early teens when I was just drawing for fun, and finally decide to try to be a professional artist.  Mainly it was because I like comic books, and being inspired by the just emerging Marvel Comic creation of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and others.  I would try to make up my own superheroes and other characters.  You have to remember this was before there were any Black comic book characters,  Marvel's Black Panter appeared in Fantastic Four #52 in July 1966), so that must have influenced creating these guys. But, as life progress most of these never saw the light of day. I think it's time to rectify that.  So I'm starting a post to showcase these old drawings of original characters, in the hope of sparking my creative juices to work on them some more.  I have a list of original characters I made awhile ago, sort of a partial inventory of random ideas.  Here's the list:
As I proceed I'll try to remember concepts, origin stories, powers, etc.and what inspired them.

Doctor Apollo and Ion

Best I can remember Doctor Apollo was inspired by Solar, Man of the Atom, the original Dell Comic.  Like a lot of superheroes, and villains, he was a scientist who experiment went wrong and result in him getting super powers, which included flying shooting energy bolts out of his hand.  His name is a nod to the Apollo the sun god.

 Ion, was Dr, Apollo's brother who got caught in the same accident.
 These are page from this 1966 sketch book (I was 16 years old at the time).  There will a spot drawing of Doctor Apollo or Ion the a page, plus other character I will feature later.

 These two pages show the last drawings I done of Doctor Apollo, , in 2008.

 I'm looking to enjoy this.  Check back if you do too.

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