Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thundercats Tuesday - Rankin/Bass Comic Strip - Karate Kat

Continuing with the promotional package for The Comic Strip syndicated series that features TigerSharks ( the Thundercat clones in water) and bunch of comedies, Street Frogs (don't ask), Karate Kat (my favorite) and Mini-Monster (do I have to tell you the premise). I didn't design any of these characters.  Designs were done by Bob Camp and Pepe Moreno. My main role was to call animation re-takes (animation mistakes in the rough cuts) in the post-production process.

This week's, last and final show, Karate Kat.  I admit this was my favorite of the Comic Strip shows.  Like the goofy, bumbling, main character, and the punny names of the supporting characters, like Meow Baby.  In the end, Comic Strip only ran one season, and a lot had to do with the confusing way it broadcast, with Part 1 of  TigerSharks on one day and the part 2 on the following day.  I think that drove the TV networks crazy.  You can find episodes of Karate Kat. and the other shows, on youtube, if you want to judge them for yourself.


That's it for the Comic Strip art.  I'll try to find more Thundercats, and Rankin/Bass, odds and ends to post.  Until then, enjoy.

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Philip Gipson said...

Karate Kat is one cool cat. :o3