Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Thundercats Tuedays - Show # 100 & 101

Today's Thundercats Tuesday features designs for Shows #100 - Exile Isle, written by William Overgard and Show #101 - The Key of Thundera, written by Matthew Malach.  Again design-wise, there were no major new characters as the show was near the end of the second season.  So I mostly designed props and incidental characters.  That said, some items like the Dragon heads in Show #101 played a major part in the story.

 Here's a image of Scooper, the Mechanical from another show.

Here's how the Dragon heads looked in the episode.
 Here's the separate animation cel levels. Start with the painted background and dragon body hold cel.
Next, is a tiny Lion-O in that blue bubble at the base of the stairs, a  tiny Mumm-Ra laying near the pillar on the left. and animating dragon heads.

 Next, is the animating dragon breath flames, to complete the shot.
I was surprised and delighted that The Dragon Hall and The Key of Thundera turned up again in the 2002 Warner Bros/Wildstorm comics Thundcats #1, along with some other elements I designed.  But. I'll save that for a future post. 

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Celesta Art said...

Thank you so much again for sharing your part of the designs, both in text and image. I love learning more about the process you and your associates worked on in your assignments.

Philip Gipson said...

By Thundera, you've done it again! :D