Monday, June 1, 2015

Rainy Sunday Music Muse Day - Ink Spots, John Martyn, Bossa Nova and Luiz Bonfa (almost)

Here's my Sunday Music Muse Day post for a very rainy day here in Rochester. We've been having heavy rain off and on for the past 24 hours. Not as bad as Texas, and my apologies to my west coast friends who still suffering due to lack of rain, I keep my complaining to a minimum. So, to ease into the gloomy morning, I started off with the Ink Spots - Greatest Hits. A collection of singles from 1939 - 1946, The Original Decca Recording. When the first note of "If I Didn't Care" played, Lisa said, "perfect choice" for the weather. All the tunes of the Ink Spots are just wonderful. Also, they all start with the same intro, and have the spoken word break in the middle of the song. The formula is sort of comforting.

 Next I pulled something from my hippie roots, John Martyn - Sweet Little Mysteries, the Island (Records) Anthology. I bought this years ago mainly because it included his One World album, which I still have. It features Steve Winwood of Traffic in keyboards. John Martyn has a gravelly vocal style like a Joe Cocker or Van Morrison, maybe. The main thing I like about One World is the ethereal mood of the cuts like "One World" and "Small Hours". I'll put youtube link in comments for you.

My last selection in a surprise or mistake, depending how you look at it. I picked this Luiz Bonfa -Non Stop Brazil CD at a Good Well shop years ago, and discover when I got home the CD in the case was a different one.

Luckily it was still a Bossa Nova collection, called Bossa Nova Brasil (their spelling not mine). Still a lot of good tunes on it.  Here the link for Bossa Nova Brasil CD track info.  But I still want to the Luiz Bonfa CD. Enjoy.

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