Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sam Woodyard - Jazz Drummer (Jan. 7, 1925 - Sept. 20. 1988)

In keeping with my Music Muse Sunday, here a happy birthday to my father the late Sam Woodyard.

Sam was best known as a drummer for immortal Duke Ellington Band.

There's a nice write up on him at

And here a clip Drummerworld put on Youtube:

This is great clip of his playing and I really get a kick out of the way Duke Ellington says his name at the end. Sam wasn't the best dad in the world, but he was one of the greatest drummers. It's alway a joy to hear his playing and I'm proud to share his love of music with my sons.

He would have been 82 this year. But, just listen to any of the recordings he played on, he still lives on in our hearts.



I found these photos of my boys from a birthday party of a friend of their back in 2001. Spencer, singing at the mike, was 6 years old and Devin "Samuel" Woodyard, on the drums, was 5 years old. That's right, his middle name is in honor of his grandfather. It was the first time Devin was behind a drum kit and he actually sounded pretty good. I know a video tape was done of their playing. I'm hoping the host of the party still has the tape somewhere. I'd like to get it and share it with everyone.

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SwampMaster said...

one of my all time favorite drummers. a real inspiration. peace