Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Music Muse Day - Follow Up

Well, I'm happy to report I actually keep to my New Year's resolution and did music related activities this past Sunday. Nothing earth-breaking, but constructive never the less. First , I re-stung my guitar with new strings (while watching the NFL play-offs). For non-guitar players, just let me say, it's a minor pain in the butt. After you finish, it takes a day or two for the strings to settle and stay in tune with each other. But, over all new strings make the guitar sound much better. Secondly, I started my Warped Sky CD project which consist of transferring old cassette tape copies of our old tunes onto CD via the compute (Apple's Garage Band and itunes). I had a sort of a set back as I screwed something up in the transfer and none of the file was playable. I think I know what I did wrong. So, I'll have to start again. But, it's a moral victory for me in that I did spend time on.
I also pulled out some old vinyl records to sell ebay. Some are real classic rock, jazz, fusion, and some I have no idea why I brought them (Original Boardway Cast Recording of "Hair" ?). I haven't play them in 10 - 15 years so some thinning of the herd is in order. I'm also trying be less of a "pack rat" lately. You really accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Ebay's a great way speed up the process of clean out closets and garages. I'll post links to the auction, soon.
Now, I have to figure out how to get back to drawing for fun, again.

More Music Muse Day updates to follow, each coming Monday.

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