Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sundeay Music Muse Day - Happy Mother's Day, Bill Frisell, Ben Monder and Arron Shragge, and Warped Sky - Stray Cloud

This Sunday Music Muse Day find us celebrating Mother's Day. So. Happy Mother's Day to all the mom, past, present and future. We wouldn't be here without you.

Today's selection presents a hit, and a miss.  First up is Bill Frisell Intercontinentals which finds the eclectic guitarist teaming up with international group of musicians to explore areas beyond his Americana outings of the past.  Bill Frisell's musical excursions are always worth joining, this is no exception.  Also the package graphics will warm a audiophile's heart.

My second selection is Aaron Shragge & Ben Monder The Key is in the Window is kind of a miss for me.  I picked this up on the strength of Ben Monder's name, and Shragge's use of the shakuhachi flutes.  The japanese flutes reminded of my friend Richard Miceli, who used play it occasionally.  Although an online review gives this 3-stars saying, "This is a good compilation of meditational music full of great flute, trumpet and guitar work."  I found it meandering and boring.  I'll have to give another try before casting in the recycle bin.

Again, here's another original tune is part of my Warped Sky - Stray Clouds project. Warped Sky - Stray Cloud, is a combination of songs from old tapes and new renditions of original tunes written and played by me in the 1980s.  Mostly it's for my friends, Richard Miceli and Rodney Means, the old Warped Sky Band, "band" being a very loose interpretation of the word. Besides us totally butchering musical favorites of our by Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and songs like "Peter Gun - Theme", we liked to play original tunes and songs which Richard labeled best, "Noise Jazz,  or Art Noise". I'm starting to upload my post-Warped Sky Band tunes online with the help of Band in a Box to full them out.

Band in the Box lets me translate rough ideas that existed as chord charts, sometimes just lyrics into a full rough.  It even prints a fake book style chart. 

It's fun working on these old tunes. I not aiming for perfection of musical execution, just "close enough for jazz" as they say, to ease my creative clutter. Enjoy.

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