Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Thundercats Tuesday Intermission

This Thundercats Tuesday in sort of an intermission.  I can't do an usual episode post this week, due to work and family schedule.  But, here's a follow up to the Shadowmaster episode.  Wildstorm/DC Comics did a re-lauuch of Thundercats comic books in 2002, by the creative team of  Ford Lytle Gilmore, writer, Ed McGuinness, artist, and Jason Martin inker.  I was surprised and overjoyed that the first issue used several characters and props I designed in the first issue.   
 Check this page and see how many characters and items you can identify from other Thundercats Tuesday posts.

 The biggest surprise was the featuring of the Shadowmaster.

 I have the good fortune to bid, and win, this comic page on EBay, signed by ED McGuinness and Jason Martin.   I sorry that the Shadowmaster didn't show up in the new Thundercats TV series.  That would have been fun.

 Remember to list the characters and items in your comments.  I'll post pictures of the answers in next week's post.  Until then, Enjoy.


Philip Gipson said...

The WildStorm "ThunderCats" comics may be inconsistent, but I'm glad they incorporated some of your elements from the show, including the Shadowmaster. :)

Celesta Art said...

I spy:

The Dragon Hall
Key of Thundera
Cats' Lair with Stone Giant
Thundercats Spirit
The Dragin Heads
Shadowmaster, of course

Oh, curious: is episode 110 available for ThunderCats Tuesdays? Is it going to be saved for last?

Thank you!