Monday, March 3, 2008

Metropolis Cinema Flipz Mini-Book

I here the Metropolis Cinema Flipz Mini-Book I posted about a while back. It's a extended version of a earlier Metropolis Flipz book. Unfortunately, it seems the German rights owner (not Kino Video) is uninterested in my modest licensing proposal (after a couple of unanswered emails, and letter, I can take a hint). So, here it is for you pleasure, and here it will remain, for now. But, do check out the Kino Video version of the great silent movie classic. Their version is excellent.



F Doherty said...

Kino are mad for not showing interest! I would love one of those and they would certainly make a killing if they released that flipbook as part of a special dvd set.

F Doherty said...

Stupidly enough I mentioned Kino instead of the ppl who hold the rights to that material - d'oh!