Thursday, November 22, 2007

Superman Toon Flipz Book Preview Movie

Back in July, I did a Superman Toon Flipz Limited Edition Book. (You can read the old post for details) I donated a copy for auction at the San Diego Comic Con for the Comic Book Legal Defense group, and a copy was auctioned on Ebay. Well, I decide to expand the book and publish it for sell. I'm planning for a spring release date or maybe for the San Diego Comic Con, at the most. I'll be sure to post more info soon.

This planned revised version will get a new cover (better title type), the group pages in the beginning of the book, four pages on a page, will be enlarged and places on
their own page.

Here's a movie of the Limited Edition version. Please forgive the total butchering of the great sound track and the bad flipping.

I think this has got be the ultimate Superman flip book you'll find anywhere.

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