Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wow Wee Dragonfly Toy

I just found this flying radio controled dragonfly on the Wow Wee toy site. I'll have to get one of these as a mascot.

Clip on the link to see a video of it in action:

Dragonfly Toy


Doug said...

Sorry to dig up an old article, but this thing is a freaking hoot! If you get one, definately stop over at my fan-site:

FlyTech/WowWee DragonFly Fan-site Forums

egadfly said...

i'm a huge dragonfly fan (and pilot!)

I just found an interview with the WowWee inventor of the dragonfly, Sean Frawley. Details on the fly itself, its creation, its rugged carbonfiber materials, refining the prototype and more...click here