Monday, February 12, 2007

Todays Toy Arsenal or Nerf Nerds United

My kids recently got Nerf dart Blaster that I just have to get for myself. This thing is so cool (Check out the picture above). It looks like a prop from the "Aliens" movie. If you were a kid of fifties like me you had "toy guns" and played "War" and "cowboys and indians", long before it was un-PC to do so. Being a sci-fi fan, I like rayguns, blasters and laser pistols from Buck Rogers to Star Wars and beyond. Just a quick cruise about the toy sections Toys R' Us or Target and you'll be amazed at the amount of well designed "Blasters"in the toy market now, ("Blasters is our small attempt at parental Political Correctness in our home).

So here's are some of our (my boys, and mine, my wife will have nothing to do this stuff) current arsenal.

The Nerf Longshot CS6. This thing is massive, about 32 inches long. That a lot of plastic for $30.00. It comes apart to become two blasters. Being the nerd that I am I start to think of ways do to "improve" it. You know, modify it! Well, a quick look on the web reveals there is a whole army of nerds doing that already. NERF NERDS UNITE!! I can't wait to add my planned "mods" to the fray.

One of my favorites is the Nerf Maverick REV-6 (below), it reminded me of Hellboy pistol in the comics and movies. And it was cheap, under $10.00.

My other favorite is the Nerf Firefly. It flashes when it fire and makes the foam darts glow in the night and the design is like something from the Ghost in the Shell anime movies and series.

My boys also have the cool Hasbro LazerTag sets. Actually, I got the big rifle with missile launcher first and they pick up the pistols the next day (paid for out of their own allowance, I might add). It's really fun when their friends bring their LazerTag sets over and the safe firefight begin. Best of all there is no agruments about who's "out" or not because the units keeps score.

It's fun having kids and being able to sample their playthings. Okay...I was buying stuff like this for myself before they were born. If you work into animation or comics, you know most of the toy collectors are middle age guys with deep pockets. Another thing is when you see any "behind the scenes" feature about an animated film or video game company profile there are always some bunch of toys on the artists work area and most likely a Nerf firefight will break out.

So, follow nerds, united and have fun.

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