Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Vinyl Album Covers

I'm starting to go through my vinyl records collection and weed out ones I'll keep for sentimental reason, first buys, records with the my father on them, and because I like the cover art. Here's some from the last category. I'll keep them or use these scans to have prints made to frame.

There are still a several more of these and a lot of CDs I bought just for the cover first.  I'll have to do a post of them.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday Music Muse Day - Vince Mendoza, Whirligig with Paul Kovit.

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds us preparing for Thanksgiving, which may prove to be more stressful and confusing in these day of rising covid-19 surge and post-election chaos. Lets use music to get us through these crazy days.  First selection is pulled from an artist featured in my November Jazz Birthday Celebration video, Vince Mendoza.  John Abercrombie Animato features Vince Mendoza as composer and on synthesizers, with Jon Christensen on Drums and percussion.  Mendoza composed six of the eights on this CD.  It's Mendoza's composing the caught my ear with tunes of his on some Peter Erskine trio sessions, especially the tune, Esperanca on the Peter Erskine As It Is CD.  The Abercrombie Animato CD is very subdued, like whispered elegance, and a floating musical mystery, perfect for a cloudy moody afternoon.

Here's version of of Esperanca played by other group, not as good as the Erskine version, but well done.

Esperan├ža (Vince Mendoza) - Emilio Mendon├ža Trio

My second selection is a connected to my Paul Kovit & Audience of One video posts, which featured the solo recording of friend's playing I recorded on Sony Walkman back in the 1980's.  I shared the videos with Paul and he loved.  After years of being out of touch we caught up over  a Zoom meeting. He told of the group he was in, Whirligig. I admit England, Irish Traditional folk music is not something I'd seek out, but Paul introduced and give me better understanding of music of Richard Thompson and Fairport Convention.  He also introduced me the music French acoustic guitarist Pierre Bensusan (we attended a concert of his in NYC).  Paul sent me a CD of the group, Whirligig.  He played guitar, mandolin, vocals composed some tunes, and toured with them in the 90's.  Whirligig Spin will be a welcomed and treasured addition to my music collection. I hope I can encourage him to pick up the guitar again.

Happy Thanksgivings to all. Stay Safe, stay healthy, and wear a mask.  

Friday, November 20, 2020

Jazzy Birthday - Celebration of Jazz November Birthdays

I'm so embarrassed. I almost blow off my Jazz Birthday November video, then

Bob Sneider 's birthday pops today, and I realize
Tom Pethic  

had a birthday this month, too. So Happy Birthday to both of them. 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Sunday Music Muse Day - Aldo Romano, Ralph Towner, Paolo Fresu, Warped Sky Stray Clouds presents: Paul Kovit

 This gloomy and windy Sunday Music Muse Day finds us worrying if our weeks of leaf racking will be scattered by expected high winds today, 30-50mph. To ease the tension I have some good tunes to listen to.  First up is Aldo Romano Ritual, the Italian born drummer who moved to France when a child and played guitar and drums professionally in the 1950s.  He earned attention playing with jazz musicians Don Cherry and Steve Lacy. In the 1970's he started leading and recording of Avant Garde and rock influenced jazz Fusion.  Those strains are definitely evident in this, his 4th album as a leader, from 1988. It's an adventurous mix and very enjoyable to hear music that's not easy to pigeon hole.  I admit the cover art design first caught my eye, plus the trumpet and flugelhorn player was feature on the next selection.

My next selection is one I presented before, but it deserves an encore appearance, Ralph Towner/Paolo Fresu Chiaroscuro.  This is a beautiful CD by the legendary guitarist Ralph Towner, who at 80 year old is still performing and touring. (His Facebook group one of the few musician groups I follow)  The CD has one of my favorite Towner compositions, Sacred Place. The very first time I heard it, it brought a tear eye with the simple beauty of it. There are two version on the CD, one with Towner playing solo, and aversion in duet with Paolo Fresu on Flugelhorn. both are excellent but I prefer the solo version. Of course, the rest other CD isn't bad either.  I can't recommend this highly enough.  

Here's another Warped Sky Stray Clouds post, actually a follow up video to my No Laughing Live - In Studio Live videos. My friend Paul Kovit, was the founder and drummer of the ad hoc group, but was really a talented folk guitarist and singer/song writer. Besides his solo gigs, Paul was a member of the New York City-based Whirligig which fused Celtic sounds with other traditional folk and world musics. The group played folk festivals across the U.S. These videos are of a recording of a casual playing session while visiting me, "Audience of One", while I worked at Doros Animation studio in NYC back in the mid-1980s. I asked Paul to play an original tune of his I liked, "Don't Call Me Dear", and I used my Sony Walkman to record it, he did, and kept playing, so I kept recording.

After posting Part 2 Paul send me some corrections: "First song is by me called "Plain Facts".  Second song is called "Sloth" by Richard Thompson/Dave Swarbrick.  (A Fairport Convention song).  FYI, the lyric is "Just a roll, just a roll, just a roll on your drum, just a roll, just a roll and the war has begun"I have absolutely no memory, zero, zilch, nada of ever doing the third song." I was able to make corrections and reposted the video again.

These recording bring great memories and help me reconnect with an old friend.  Paul liked hearing
these songs, again. he sending a Whirligig CD  I can't wait to hear it.