Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day - Stan Getz, Rusell Malone, again.

This week's Sunday Music Muse Day turns out to be a follow up, or extension, to two selections from last week.  Stan Getz Moments in Time is the companion CD to the Getz / Gilberto '76 released by Resonance Records. Moments is the live set of the Getz quartet without Joao Gilberto.  Together the two CDs comprise the complete historic live set at the famous iconic San Francisco jazz club,  Keystone Korner, in 1976.

The other selection is two CDs of guitarist Russell Malone Live at the Jazz Standard Volume 1 & 2.  These are nice sets recorded at the NYC club with a quartet with Jonathan Blake on drums, Martin Bejerano on piano, Tassili Bond on bass, and Malone on guitar. Seeing the CDs together I couldn't pass up getting both.  Jann Nyffeler, Jazz 90.1 DJ,said she was glad I kept the set intact.  Thanks, Jann.

 To add the today's Music Muse, I went to see the  Miles Ahead movie.  I enjoyed it.  I'm sorry I miss a special event co-hosted by Derrick Lucas at the Little Theater, for International Jazz Day, yesterday.  I'm sure I'll catch up with Derrick at one the upcoming jazz event to spring and summer.

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