Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday Music Muse Day, Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto, John Scofield, Ruseell Malone Kevin Eubanks

This week's Sunday Music Muse exposes my guitar-centric music leanings.  First up is Getz/Gilberto '76, featuring saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist Joao Gilberto from a historic live set at the famous iconic San Francisco jazz club,  Keystone Korner, in 1976.  This duo is best known for introducing Brazilian bossa nova to the United states in the 1960s.  This is a great CD, the kind you'll play to get your special someone in a romantic mood.  Trust me on that.

As my first selection had a taste of tasty guitar, the rest dives right in.  John Scofield Past Present, his latest release, sort of makes up for the last CD I acquired, with Medeski Martin and Wood.  This one is a solid outing with a quartet, featuring Joe Lovano, on saxophone, Larry Grenadier, on double bass, and  Bill Stewart, on drums.

My next selection is guitarist Russell Malone, Sweet Georgia Peach.  I've heard and seen articles about him but hadn't own any of his CDs.  This is a very enjoyable. I'd say a more traditional jazz guitar CD, very mellow and engaging.   I'll definitely look for more of his music.

My last selection is Kevin Eubanks Shadow Prophets.  I have several CDs by Kevin, which I like, but I must say this one, recorded in 1988 on the GRP label, is a little more "smooth jazz", than I would like.  Unlike his Turning Point CD, made in 1992 on the Blue Note label, which is more adventurous, in my opinion.  I definitely seems like a creative shift and grown happened between those CDs.

 Just for contrast here's the Turning Point cover.

So that's my additions to my jazz guitar listening choices.  Worth seeking out, if you have the chance.  Enjoy.

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