Sunday, March 15, 2020

Sunday Music Muse Day - Art Blakey, Joe Gordon, Robert Glasper

This Sunday Music Muse Day finds the whole world in the grips of the Coronavirus crisis. I'm hoping a little music will help manage the growing stress from all sides.  My only trip of out of the house, Saturday, was to the Bop Shop Record store for these selections.  First up is Art Blakey-Blakey.  I admit the first thing that grabbed my eye was the classic jazz cover art, by Burt Goldblatt. This CD is a reissue of two ten-inch albums recorded in 1954 for EmArcy label. 'Blakey' by the legendary drummer, is a important quintet session as (from the liner notes) "Blakey was on the verge of starting a new career as a bandleader....By the end of the year Blakey would team with (Horace) Silver in the cooperative group, the Jazz Messengers, which would be his artistic expression until his death in 1990".  Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers is the group I associate Art Blakey with.  It was renowned for launching the careers of countless jazz artists.  The liner notes states the trumpeter Joe Gordon and Alto Saxophonist Gigi Gryce, are sometimes  forgotten but were "extremely well respected" in their time. It's fun re-discovering classic jazz played in the 1950s.  I immediately recognized the first tune, "Minority as played often by the Bob Sneider Trio in live gigs.

My second selection is a new player to me, probably because only I've stepped out of my guitar-centric bubble and started to seek out piano trio music in the five last years.  Robert Glasper Canvas recorded 2005, so this isn't exactly new.  I came across him on youtube video and was impressed, so I'm glad found this.  I'll have to look for more of his work.

So, with all the stressful craziness in the world, be safe, be kind, and learn to unwind.  Good music does help. Peace.

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