Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Music Muse Day - Pat Metheny - The Orchestrion Project, Stanley Clark and Bobby McFerrin - Medicine Music

Here's this week's Sunday Muse Day selections, purchased at my local record shop, Record Archives.  First up is Pat Metheny The Orchestrion Project.  I first came across this as a DVD of the film Pat made of his performing solo with this vast array of mechanical instruments.  It reminded me those Animusic videos, but much more enjoyable.  Pat Metheny's musicial journey continues to amaze me.  Check out the youtube video below, you won't be disappointed. 

My second purchase was, in some ways to correct a buying mistake I made on my last trip to record shop.  I passed on buying the Stanley Clarke CD and regretted it.  Happily it was still there.  This is Stanley Clarke's first solo effort, while he was still with Return to Forever.  I forgot it featured Jan Hammer, on keyboards, and Tony Williams, on drums.  Bill Connors, was the first Return to Forever guitarist. (I featured him in my last week's post).  This is a favorite Fusion Album of mine, but I can't hear the tune Lopsy Lu without thinking of Jimi Hendrix' Third Stone from the Sun.  I have several of Stanley Clarke solo albums in my collection, I'll have to pull them out again for a listen.
My third purchase was Bobby McFerrin's Medicine Music CD.  My wife had this on cassette and I remember blasting it in the minivan driving from the airport years ago.  It's great music to greet  a Sunday with it's sense of warm and humanity.  A true favorite, in a category  by itself.   There are so many good cuts on this CD, you just have enjoy them all.  Enjoy

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